Our woodshop contains the most essential tools and equipment that are related to the woodworking industry. Working with approximately 1,500 square foot of working space used only and directly for woodworking. 

We stock approximately 20,000 board foot of select prime hardwoods at all times. We purchase only the finest hand selected rough sawn wood, following the desired piece of furniture style and shape, then  it is planed, shaped, cut, and assembled into the initial piece of shaker furniture that would make every home proud.

According to ancient Scottish legend in Feedhorn, Scotland. The spirit of any tree lives on in wood from the simplest form of a page in a book to a more elaborate carving in furniture. So every piece of furniture is treated in this Tradition of respect and honor by our shop.

The shop is under the direction of Master Cabinet-Maker Mike Smith. here is where Mike creates the pieces of furniture that will become the Family Heirlooms of tomorrow. Mike wields the perfect calm attitude in accomplishing the balance and eye appeal in each portion of his work.